American Airline livery

Paul Bryars

Rebranded last year by Futurebrand, this was AA’s first significant rebrand for over 40 years, following the merger of three American carriers. The ageing AA logo has been replaced by a new ‘Flight Symbol’, a blue and red wing crossed with an eagle. The aircraft livery has also been completely redesigned, with the tail now featuring a US flag inspired design. Overall an elegant and efficient design, more appropriate for today’s national carriers.

However not everyone saw it this way, and the new branding has been criticised by sections of the public, media and the airlines employees too. AA’s new CEO Doug Parker stated the new ‘Flight Symbol’ logo had to stay, but he gave workers the opportunity to vote on the choice of the planes’ tails, to adopt Futurebrand’s new US flag design or to stick with the old, which featured the old AA logo!

Fortunately the new tail design was narrowly selected with 52% of the vote. This just avoided the confusing situation of having a fleet of aircraft with the new logo on the fuselage and the old logo on the tail!

Attempting to win over your new employees by letting them choose your branding seems incredibly risky. AA appointed Futurebrand for their creativity, knowledge and expertise, why not trust them with the rebrand?

Also I liked this before Digs.

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